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Estate Metering Solution

eFactory metering solution helps estate management and facility managers to assign smart electricity meters to residents and manage their utility usage, generate electricity tokens and monitor the consumption with the electricity meter installed for each building.

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Benefits of eFactory Estate Metering Solution

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Monitor Utility Usage

The sub-metering offers residents to monitor their utility usage, and thus they get more control over their future usage and save money.

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Flexible Payment Option

Estate metering also protects the property owners from unbudgeted utility expenses, reducing their net operating margins. Utility sub-metering allows more detailed bench-marking such as setting subsystems as well as targets.

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Facility Management Cost

Utility sub-metering reduces the costs of the facilities management in a building in places where there are regular manual readings since it reduces the requirement for manual meter inspections.

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Auto Token Top Up

With our meter you can recharge your meters automatically once you have paid for electricity. This means that you don't have to manually enter the token on your meter. Your meter is recharged once money is received.

Request Meter on Loan

eFactory allows you to request meters on loan and the meter will be installed at your location while you pay back the installment. You can request electricity on credit or loan while you pay back the installment.

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Unit Notification

With our instant notifications, you can stay on top of your usage and receive notifications by text or email when you are running low on a unit.

Private Estates and Apartments Utility Management

eFactory takes care of all electricity fund recovery with a prepaid system. Your estate residents will use electricity on a ʻpay as you goʼ basis and make payment upfront which reduces the risk and tension around bill discrepancies. The unique vending system is the first of its kind and enables clients (both landlords, property owners, developers and managing agents as well as residents) to access detailed reports to track and manage utility consumption efficiently.


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Meter Management


Tariff and Fee Management


STS Credit Token


Electricity Consumption Monitoring

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Streamline the utility collection process.


Multiple Payment Option - POS, Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Card


Stay up to date with utility payments and usage through monthly transaction statements

The benefits of a smart electricity meter

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Track Energy Spending

Tweaking Your energy use can make a huge difference to your bill


Get Accurate Bills

Readings are sent automatically, so there'll be no more estimated bills.

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Say goodbye to meter readings

Your smart electricity meters will do the reading so you don't have to


Auto Recharge

Your smart electricity meter will be recharged automatically once payment is confirmed.

Estate Metering

Get the eFactory app to buy electricity tokens and keep track of your energy consumption on the go.

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